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Recent Courses

PSCI 260 International Relations

PSCI 350 Human Rights in World Politics

PSCI 374 Civil Wars and Failed States

PSCI 476 International Organizations

PSCI 471 Politics of Transitional Justice

PSCI 261/362 America and the World in the 21st Century

Teaching Awards

In 2017, I was awarded the Kenyon College Trustee Teaching Excellence Award (Junior Award). Faculty and students nominate candidates. The president, provost, and associate provosts then review the letters of nomination. They then select three finalists from each of the senior and junior faculty pools and forward their recommendations to the Curriculum and Faculty Committee of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees then makes the final determination.

In 2009, I was awarded Northwestern University's Weinberg College Outstanding Graduate Teacher Award and the R. Barry Farrell Prize for Teaching Excellence. Every year, the College gives the award to three teaching assistants. A student-faculty Committee on Teaching Awards is responsible for evaluating nominations from departments and the Student Advisory Board. They also recommend candidates to the dean. The R. Barry Farrell Prize for Teaching Excellence is given in memory of one of the Department of Political Science's best teachers. Faculty members select a recipient.

Teaching Development

Syllabus Writing Workshop, Writing Essentials Group, Kenyon College

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Searle Center for Advanced Teaching & Learning Excellence Graduate Teaching Certificate Program (GTCP)

For more on the program, please visit the Searle Center website.

Teaching With Social Media, Searle Center

Designing Active Learning into Your Teaching, Searle Center