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Journal Articles

  • “On International Crimes and Punishment: Lessons on Deterring Atrocities from the Yugoslav Tribunal.”  Forthcoming.  International Security.
  • “The Extraordinary Gamble: How the Yugoslav Tribunal’s Indictment of Slobodan Milosevic During the Kosovo War Affected Peace Efforts.”  Forthcoming.  The Brown Journal of World Affairs.
  • “Bending the Arc: How to Achieve Justice at the International Criminal Court.”  2015.  Foreign Affairs.
  • Helfer, Laurence, Karen Alter, and Jacqueline McAllister.  2013. “A New International Human Rights Court for West Africa: The ECOWAS Community Court of Justice.”  American Journal of International Law 107: 737-779.
  • “Moje djetinjstvo” and “Moj Put u Nigeriji.”  2011.  Leptir Mašna, the Literary Journal of Students in Balkan Studies 8(1): 57 and 60.

Invited Book Chapters

  • “The Peace versus Justice Debate Revisited: The ICTY’s Impact on the Bosnian Peace Process.”  Forthcoming.  In Legacies of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: A Multidisciplinary Account, edited by Carsten Stahn, Carmel Agius, Serge Brammertz, and Colleen Rohan.  Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Invited Book Reviews

  • 8 February 2018.  “Searching for Truth in the Transitional Justice Movement.”  Social Forces.  Available here.

Blog Posts

  • 1 March 2018.  “Final Judgments in The Hague: Reflections on the Yugoslav Tribunal’s Legacy.”  Intlawgrrls.  Available here.

Works In Progress

  • Justice Gambit: International Criminal Tribunals’ Role in Deterring Wartime Atrocities.
  • “Casting a Shadow Over War Zones: The International Criminal Court’s Impact on Rebel and Government Forces’ Use of Violence Against Civilians.”  With James Meernik. 
  • “The Enemy of My Enemy: Explaining Why Democracies (Sometimes) Support Human Rights Violators in Civil Wars.”